Let It Ride.com Returns…

Taking it’s name from the 1989 Richard Dreyfuss classic film Let It Ride, perhaps the greatest movie ever made about degenerate horseplayers, Let It Ride.com was recognzied that as the community website that got it all started on the Internet for the horse racing industry. 

Known as the ‘Google’ of horse racing, LIR was initially designed to get online visitors from Point A to Point B in the world of horse racing.  A switching station if you will that connected the United States and the Australian racing, breeding and sales industries.

Quickly, LIR took on a life of it’s own collecting hundreds of thousands members who quickly formed a vibrant and somewhat colorful array of forums that sparked emotions that ranged from heartfelt passion for the industry to outrageously insulting behavior.  There was never a dull moment in the LIR Forums.

Eventually, several spinoff online businesses evolved; WatchandWager.com, TrackExperts.com, SalesRing.com, and the highly popular Kentucky Derby Future Book and Breeders’ Cup Future Book Challenges. Conducted in conjunction wtih Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas and then the Las Vegas Hilton, were the precusor to almost every online horse racing competition held today.

Now after a hiatus, LIR is back with an easy going. simple format. 

We will post a topic or news item and you respond!

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  Joanie M D wrote @

What happened to the forums?

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